Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States.

When the United States of America became the first country in the world to elect an "African-American" to the highest office in the land, many heralded this achievement as "an historic moment". The United States has always been a nation of firsts: first in freedom, first in space, first on the scene to help others in times of need; American heroes are always the first in every humanitarian milestone. And this election was certainly a humanitarian milestone: the people of the United States stood up in defiance against discrimination to lead the whole world into the dawn of the so-called "post-racial" era.

And when it was predicted by virtually every poll and pundit that, within our lifetimes, once again the United States would be the first country in the world, this time to roll back the so-called "glass ceiling" and elect the first female to lead a country, everyone braced with anticipation for history to be made yet again.

Well it turns out that history was made, indeed. The next President WASN'T selected by the practitioners of imposed diversity, sensitivity or empathy. The next President WASN'T the politically correct, "responsible" choice. The 2016 election would prove that Americans would have the COURAGE to stand up and select their leader, not by his skin color or gender, or by his political ideology, but instead by the content of his character. Simply put, Americans chose the best man for the job. And there is no doubt whatsoever that DONALD J. TRUMP will prove himself to be the best President that has ever been, or will ever be, elected to represent the people of the United States of America.

The reason this assertion will bear itself out as inarguable truth is not only simple, but mathematically sound. Voters made their choice based on the notion that an elected representative has two primary responsibilities: 1) to make decisions on behalf of the people that voted for him; but, MORE IMPORTANTLY, 2) to embody the principles we hold dear: the Christian values that we believe to be righteous and aspire to live up to, the civic duties of a proper citizen and the responsibilities of a just society, the moral character we want to impress upon our children and our grandchildren, as were impressed upon us by our parents, the face we want to show the world, and to define us as a people, now and when historians look back a thousand years hence.

Well certainly there's no denying that Donald Trump is the best of the best of what we have to offer. A gentleman. A strong leader. Adored by millions. Classy, confident, successful, wealthy, undeniably handsome. Always talks at a level we can all understand, unlike Professor Obama who always talked down to people and used big words to make himself sound smart. In fact, who do you think better represents what Americans are REALLY like, Barrack HUSSEIN Obama or Donald J is for JESUS Trump? Finally, we got a leader WITH SOME BALLS. Truly this man is a blessing from God.

Of course, there are some who voted for him but refuse to admit it, they would rather imply that they "voted for the lesser of two evils", they would rather ramble on and on about "Hillary's e-mails" than to mention the person they voted for by his own name. It may be that some are reluctant to take ownership of their vote for President Trump, perhaps due to his unpopularity in the LIBERAL-CONTROLLED MEDIA, or perhaps due to a few minor questionable things he might have said or done in the past, because his personal actions reflect just as much on him as they reflect on our society and what we are willing to accept. But also, as Christians, what we are willing to accept AND FORGIVE.

The truth is, there is no "lesser of two evils" because the rules of free enterprise apply to political candidates just as much as they apply to products on the shelf. I mean, when was the last time anybody went into the dollar store and intentionally purchased something YOU KNEW WOULDN'T BE ANY GOOD just because it was the only thing they had on the shelf???? A business puts specific brands on the shelf because THAT'S WHAT PEOPLE WANT, DUMMY. And likewise, when someone runs for office, they spend years and years competing against MANY other candidates before they even get to the final debate on the national stage and, certainly, if there was a better candidate out there that more appropriately represented what We the People desired in an elected official, the rules of free enterprise obviously would have fallen in that person's favor instead. In fact, better than anything, the rules of free enterprise PROVE that Donald J. Trump isn't just a fluke, this was meant to be. OUR DESTINY.

Crooked Hillary thought she was personally entitled to every woman's vote just because she has a vagina. Well guess what, dummy. Turns out that women DID decide this election. More women than men voted for Trump. As a unified voting block, women were the largest interest group to support either candidate, and they overwhelming supported Trump. You'd think that if anyone would be more than happy to embrace the idea of a female President, it would have been women. But it turns out that WOMEN KNOW WOMEN BETTER THAN ANYONE, and in this election, women were more than qualified to know what a stupid, lying bitch looks like when they saw her!

And on election day, evangelicals marched defiantly into the polling centers to vote for Trump. You'd think that if anybody had a problem with Donald Trump's past transgressions, it would be Old Testament bible-thumpers. Not exactly the most forgiving people in the world; if anything, evangelicals are much more likely to preach "karma" and "wrath" more than they practice "turning the other cheek" or making nice with people they consider to have even the slightest moral failings (i.e., criminals, drug addicts, young people, Liberals, etc.). These folks will disown THEIR OWN CHILDREN for being homo, that's how important Christian values are to them. And yet the most devout, the most hard-line adherents to fundamentalism were proud to line up and embrace Trump without any hesitation, because we all recognized that he's actually not such a bad guy after all. In fact, in many ways, he's just like us. A sinner, far from perfect, NEVER APPOLOGIZED FOR ANYTHING AND PROUD OF IT! JUST LIKE US!

Certainly Donald Trump has always had a long history of telling people things they didn't want to hear, which is why he is such a polarizing figure. Like we said last year when Trump first came on the scene, a lot of times the things people don't want to hear are exactly the things PEOPLE NEED TO HEAR. We also predicted that the reason Trump was connecting with Americans, and with the Silent Majority in particular, is because he is standing up and saying all of the things that most Americans would like to say out loud but can't, because then we would all get punched in the face. Overall, whether they will admit it or not, Americans are all proud to support what Trump stands for, because he doesn't just stand for us, HE IS US. And the rest of the world will look at America and know us by the company we keep: Donald J. Trump, who will take his rightful place alongside heroes like Ronald Reagan and Thomas Jefferson, and who will be admired, respected, saluted by white school children for millenia.

And so to those who haven't jumped onboard the Trump Train, I say, FOR FUCK'S SAKE, IT'S TIME TO GIVE TRUMP A CHANCE. Certainly when Barrack Obama was President, the whole country gave "Hope and Change" a chance, didn't we? In fact, no other politician in history was shown more respect and tolerance than Barrack HUSSEIN Obama. White Conservatives, in particular, always had to walk on egg shells and maintain a constant vigilence of political correctness in order to keep from hurting peoples feelings, because anything we said in disagreement to THEIR VIEWS, no matter how true, would always be construed as racist! Meanwhile the Blacks were given a free pass to run rampant in the streets and do whatever they pleased, hence the 10-fold increase of blacks committing crime against the police. THAT is Obama's TRUE LEGACY; he spent more time attacking the cops and the military, the HEROES who risked their lives trying to keep the American people safe, than he spent putting the blame where it really belonged, the young black thugs with their arms wrapped around a plasma television. Good news. THOSE DAYS ARE OVER.

Liberal millenial snowflakes attend Hillary rally.

"I'm in the country illegally, and I'm not going back!" says the big sign that one protestor was waving. Well guess what. You're either going back voluntarily or you're going back in a body bag, dummy. In fact, the State of Tennessee is one of many states which are passing laws that if protestors are in the road and you accidentally run over them, NO BIGGIE. Because we all know that these "protestors" are the same thing as ISIS! And, like ISIS, their days are numbered thanks to PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP, the LAW AND ORDER CANDIDATE.

We all gave Obama a chance, and unfortunately history has shown us that "Hope and Change" was a gigantic DISASTER from Day One. People thought that all of a sudden we were "post-racial" just because the first "African-American" was put in office. The truth is, Obama was elected by the most racist element of our society: democrats who feel sorry for the black guy so they give him a degree from Harvard, they give him a job as a Community Organizer because of his skin color, they gave him the presidency because "look at us, the Democrat party ain't racist or sexist because we supported a black guy and a woman" despite the fact that NEITHER WERE QUALIFIED FOR THE JOB.

In many ways, the election of Donald J. Trump to the Presidency truly symbolizes the world Martin Luther King always dreamed of. Because Trump didn't become a successful person just because of his skin color or gender, he became a success because of what's on the inside. And the content of his character is why he was able to connect so well with the American people. History was made, indeed; and Donald Trump will go down in history as the greatest representative this country has ever known BECAUSE HE IS REPRESENTATIVE OF US. And people in the rest of the world, and the people of the future, will know us by the company we keep. The company WE ARE PROUD TO KEEP. -KCP

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