Anarchy in the streets of Charleston; Sharpton and his goons incite race riots.

History has shown us time and time again that our Lord and Master's recipe for HOPE AND CHANGE has worked out EXACTLY AS DESIGNED in places like Sanford, Florida; Furgeson, Mississippi; and, of course, the Iraqi capitol of BENGHAZI. Well good news! You can now add Charleston, South Carolina to the long list of President Commie Darkie Muslim's success stories.

In the once-quiet streets of this small Palmetto town, fires are raging out of control and emergency sirens are blaring in every corner of the city. The wild baboons have been released from the city zoo and given free reign to riot in the streets, burn down white-owned businesses and white-owned homes, turn over cars and ambush police officers. And leading the carnival of knuckle-dragging neanderthals, none other than "Reverend" Sharpton himself, on a selfless mission to free the subjugated black man from the oppresion of the RACIST southern plantation owner (i.e., white Christians LIKE YOU who believe in the Constitution and gun ownership). All this in response to reports from the Liberal-controlled newsmedia of yet another "innocent, unarmed black victim" being gunned down in "cold blood" by a "racist" white police officer.

NORTH CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA. Veteran officer MICHAEL SLAGER is accused of murder in the shooting death of "unarmed victim" WALTER SCOTT, who was shot after 1) LEADING THE OFFICER ON A FOOT CHASE for several blocks following a simple traffic stop for a broken taillight; 2) ATTACKING THE OFFICER without provocation, and; 3) running away in an effort to EVADE ARREST on multiple warrants of FAILURE TO PAY CHILD SUPPORT.

Guess what, dummy. BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG!

As in the case of Michael Brown, Tyrone Martin, Eric Garner, Eric Harris and every other violent street "gangsta" who has been thrust in your face by the out-of-control, sensationalist Liberal media, each of these thugs has consistently proven themselves to be menaces to society since their birth. Each was JUSTIFIABLY neutralized by police. And most important, each got exactly what they had coming to them, because each made their own choices, and they alone are to blame for the consequences of their actions (i.e., PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY). And in every case, the out-of-control Liberal media devoted all their sad/desperate/misguided attention towards making political martyrs out of born criminals, the absolute garbage of humanity, known hoodlums with extensive criminal records.

And all at the expense of innocent, honest, law-abiding citizens LIKE YOU, whose reputations were smeared simply because they were born white and had to fight back against a black man in order to defend themselves from being attacked and killed. Because white Christians who believe in the Constitution and gun ownership are RACIST. Just ask George Zimmerman. Theodore Wafer. Michael Dunn. Officer Darren Wilson. Officer Daniel Pantaleo. Officer Robert Bates. Officer Michael Slager.

So maybe you don't believe the actual extent of this clandestine Liberal conspiracy. Maybe you don't believe that LIBERALS HATE AMERICA. Well, it's time to WAKE UP DUMMY; just look for yourself at the top of this article and you will see the elementary school photo of innocent darling WALTER SCOTT that is being widely circulated by the Liberal media in order to garner public sympathy. Gee, look what an innocent angel the victim was in this elementary school picture... FROM 40 YEARS AGO. Seriously, what in the hell does a convicted thug's childhood photographs FROM 40 YEARS AGO have to do with anything RIGHT NOW IN THE PRESENT??? I can look back through my own school yearbooks (you can too probably) and see dozens of now-convicted felons who used to be innocent angels when they were children; as Vice President Big Mouth Combover once said, "BIG FUCKING DEAL".

  • Nevermind the fact that this so-called "unarmed victim", an innocent angel who never harmed anybody, was in reality a gang-banging thug and rapist, a trouble maker with numerous arrests/convictions on his record. The judicial system in this country is RACIST.
  • Nevermind the fact that this so-called "unarmed victim" was pulled over for a broken tail-light on his Mercedes, and then attacked an innocent police officer without provocation. White police officers are always RACIST.
  • Nevermind the fact that this so-called "unarmed victim" ran away from the Cops in order to EVADE ARREST for multiple warrants including FAILURE TO PAY CHILD SUPPORT on his numerous children with ten different women. Making black people pay child support is RACIST.

No wonder these knuckleheads elected that POS traitor from Kenya. The Liberal media continues to paint the portrait of what a terrific father Walter Scott was to his kids. And now, after his tragically violent death at the hands of whitey, these children will have to grow up without a father in their lives. Well you know what? CRY ME A RIVER DUMMY. If this man was "Father of the Year", why did he have so many warrants and convictions for FAILURE TO PAY CHILD SUPPORT? The truth is that, like always, the Democrat party has made a hero out of a deadbeat who was out cruising around in a Mercedes Benz with 30-inch rims listening to hip hop on his new mp3 player while his ten Baby Mommas are paying all their familial expenses with welfare money they get from President Buckwheat. The Liberal media is so single-mindedly concerned about the welfare of Mr. Scott's 15 children (the same children Mr. Scott cared so much about that he refused to pay child support) and yet NOT ONE MENTION of Officer Slager's family. What about Officer Slager's children who will have to grow up without a dad because dad was RAILROADED AND PUT IN PRISON BY THE DEMOCRAT PARTY?

Tough-talking prosecutor turned ambulance-chasing Liberal windbag Nancy Grace has been talking incessantly about the case this week, often making light of the fact that the alleged "victim" was 50 years old, and the Officer involved was only 30, a child by comparison. "How dare this Cop shoot somebody who is old enough to be his father!" Excuse me but did you say 50 YEARS OLD?? I mean, seriously??? Shouldn't a 50-year-old man be old and wise enough to know how to stay out of trouble, and to have respect for authority? If WALTER SCOTT had not broken the law so many times in his life, if WALTER SCOTT had manned up to his obligations, if WALTER SCOTT had not ran from the police, if WALTER SCOTT had simply followed directions of officers he would still be alive today. FOLLOW DIRECTIONS DUMMY. It's not hard, you don't even have to know how to read or write because the officer is speaking to you right out of his mouth. Or are you a Muslim from Kenya and don't know how to speak English?

As always when minorities are involved (i.e., "If I had a son, he'd look just like Tyrone"), Emperor Subhuman Mongrel got in front of the cameras to make fools of white people. His Royal Highness took time out from his busy day of throwing Israel under the bus and negotiating with terrorists in order to chime in on Walter Scott's case, demanding that all Cops be forced to wear body cameras so that when they beat up on innocent, unarmed black folks we will have more million-dollar inflammatory footage to air on MSNBC. Well maybe the people who should be forced to wear body cameras aren't the Cops, but the PEOPLE WHO ARE CAUSING ALL THE PROBLEMS. Maybe the reason so many innocent black people are getting shot every day is because THEY AREN'T INNOCENT TO BEGIN WITH. In fact, if these people are so "innocent", then why are they all intentionally provoking police officers? Why are they running away to avoid arrest? It's simple: because these people are all self-entitled, society OWES THEM ONE, they are above the law, they dont have to follow the same rules as everyone else, and when they get in trouble with whitey, King Hussein will BAIL THEM OUT. These thugs have absolutely no respect for authority or rule of law, no respect for police or government, when was the last time white people made rap videos about killing police officers or overthrowing the Government? Never. Because it doesn't happen; white people have respect for rule of Law, for authority, and for the democratic process, which is why blacks spend all their time running from police, and whites spend all their time GOING TO WORK.

Faux accusations of RACISM made sensational front-page headlines all over America this week; meanwhile, a lesser known story emerged from Kansas, a story that the Liberals at THE KINGSPORT NEWSPAPER didn't want you to know about so they DIDN'T EVEN REPORT IT. Kansas set to become the first state to ban "welfare for fun". Finally, someone with brains has materialized in Government and passed a law that makes sense: you shouldn't be allowed to use welfare to pay for lottery tickets, malt liquor, blunts, tattoos, and cellphones. Dummy. This smart, common sense welfare reform initiative Kansas had the guts to implement is a great start, but the restrictions should go even farther because welfare and foodstamps aren't about enjoying yourself with a cruise in the Mercedes to KFC for chicken and watermelons. The original intent of government aid was out of necessity and compassion, not DEPENDENCE ON GOVERNMENT and VOTES FOR THE DEMOCRAT PARTY. Restrict welfare to bread and water, ONLY. -KCP

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