Total cradle-to-grave dependency on Government; culture of apathy, intimidation, corruption;
Christian Conservatives who work for a living are maligned by the Liberal media. BUSINESS AS USUAL.

"There comes a time when people with values simply have to stand up. Think about Nazi Germany. Most of those people did not believe in what Hitler was doing. But did they speak up? Did they stand up for what they believe in? They did not, and you saw what happened." -Dr. Ben Carson describes the apathetic, who stand by and do nothing while Democrats, President Buckwheat flush the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Born of humble beginnings, Ben Carson worked many part-time jobs to pay his own way through medical school (WITHOUT HELP FROM GOVERNMENT). Starting from nothing he worked (WITHOUT HELP FROM GOVERNMENT) to become the world's most pre-eminent brain surgeon. During his many-decades-long career he selflessly cured (WITHOUT HELP FROM GOVERNMENT) innumerable people, most of them impoverished children. Dr. Carson's strong work ethic, and his core belief that you alone are the only person who has the power to make decisions to improve your life (NOT RELYING ON WELFARE OR OBAMACARE, NOT BLAMING BUSH FOR ALL YOUR PROBLEMS) are themes that resonate strongly with Christian Conservatives. Which is why, if you were to stop at any Pilot Truckstop or Wal-Mart, you will find many of Dr. Carson's inspirational books on the same shelf alongside the Duck Dynasty devotionals and the Paula Dean cookbook. The one where she uses doughnuts as hamburger buns. Dr. Carson is just as soughtafter for speaking engagements as Joel Osteen or Phil Robertson, and has given standing-room-only talks at churches right here in Kingsport.

"Fortunately, we get to choose whether we are going to use the magnificent gray matter that sits between our ears as opposed to our skin color to determine who we are and our course of action." -Dr. Ben Carson, distinguishing between those who work for what they have and those who use RACE, discrimination accusations, Affirmative Action to get ahead in life.

When you achieve success through hard work, self-reliance, personal responsibility and Christian values, and you happen to live in a self-entited society filled with unsuccessful do-nothings (over 50% of Americans are deadbeats who PAY NO TAXES), you become a target for America-hating Liberals. The fact of the matter is, Dr. Carson is about as upstanding as any person can possibly be: Christian. American. Work for what you have. That's Ben Carson. But of course, if you are a straight white Christian who believes in the Constitution: UH OH, you must be a RACIST and a BIGOT!! So predictably, here comes hatemongering "Reverend" Sharpton spearheading the libel attack: Moral OUTRAGE over comments Dr. Carson made in which he equated the United States to Nazi Germany. I'M SO OFFENDED!

Well guess what. I agree with Dr. Carson; in fact, most Conservatives agree with him, too. The United States today is EXACTLY LIKE Nazi Germany. And in many ways, WORSE. Consider that the Holocaust happened a long time ago to people that we don't even know; just like slavery, it happened so long ago that the only evidence this event even occurred is from old, faded pictures in dust-covered books that nobody ever checks out. And the people involved, if they had not perished during WWI, would have already died of old-age by now anyway. Although their plight might have been grievous at the time, what we are experiencing today is a million times worse, because what we are experiencing in America today is, unfortunately for us, happening IN AMERICA TODAY. Now basically I'm not trying to diminish the significance of the Holocaust, but it turns out that "here, in the present" is not a far away, easily ignored, place like "somewhere else, a long time ago". And what we are experiencing today is not happening to Jews or blacks or somebody else, but instead happening to people like you, and worse yet, people like me. RIGHT NOW.

Seriously, white Christians who believe in the Constitution and gun ownership are being persecuted, meanwhile Liberals say and do as they please, INDOCTRINATING YOUR CHILDREN into socialism, homoSICKuality and sharia law. Dr. Carson is not the first person to point out that the United States has turned into Nazi Germany and, in fact, what is wrong with drawing this comparison, especially WHEN IT IS TRUE? In any event, Dr. Carson is just the messenger, so why are Liberals blaming him for our problems? (because he is RACIST against black people, that's why). So much fuss over an innocent Christian, why isn't the media going after the CAUSE OF OUR PROBLEMS? Namely, King Commie Darkie Muslim and his LIBERAL, America-hating regime. Do you honestly think your grandparent's generation would have twice elected to the throne this bumbling liar, coward, known criminal, moron, America-hating traitor, douche who wants to "Fundamentally Transform" America? OF COURSE NOT, our grandparents would NEVER have voted for an incompetent jackass from Kenya (NOT A CITIZEN) because our grandparents had VALUES AND RESPECT.

Contrast our grandparent's generation with Americans today:

  • lazy, would rather be collecting welfare, unemployment, disability than earning an honest living;
  • self-entitled, Americans all have the attitude of "I'm the victim" instead of "I'm the solution"; think they are special, the whole world owes them one (e.g., self-important BURGER FLIPPERS and CASHIERS demanding 15 dollar minimum wage, meanwhile small business owners like Papa John's going bankrupt because of OBAMACARE);
  • absolutely no work ethic; no self-reliance, depend on Government for everything; no personal responsibility, blame others, rich CEOs, Bush for all their problems; no self-respect or ambition;
  • most read at a third grade level or below; allow Television (MSNBC, American Idol, reality TV programs, etc.) to do all their thinking for them;
  • broken homes and dysfunctional/blended families characterize nearly all Americans lives today; in other words, the social, intellectual/academic, economic, and criminal woes that were once confined exclusively to black communities are now plaguing everyone, everywhere;
  • almost every American is being prescribed antidepressants for ADHD bipolar because Americans can't tolerate the stress of not being able to have what they want, RIGHT NOW;
  • most Americans are so lazy/pathetic/fat that they have to use a mobility scooter to go shopping for groceries, loading lobster and steak into their shopping basket, paid for on their EBT card;
  • those [VERY FEW AND GETTING FEWER EVERYDAY] Americans that can pass a drug test, wake up and get out of bed every morning before noon, and show up at a "job" (how QUAINT) are punished for their success, their lifesavings STOLEN by a tyrannical, overreaching, DICKtating monkey king in order to give free healthcare and an obamaphone to the deadbeats;
  • 50% of Americans pay no taxes at all (see Congressional Budget Office (CBO) stats that show Americans who make 30K or less pay NO TAXES, and instead receive an income tax refund from the IRS that refunds more money than they originally paid in; the "Earned Income Credit"), there are more takers than makers, GOVERNMENT is paying out more money than it is taking in;
  • teachers, cops, firefighters and the postal service, all UNION, LOYAL GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES, indoctrinating children into sharia law and socialism, and teaching kindergartners that HomoSICKuality is normal;
  • Affirmative Action THUGS running around Furgeson, Mississippi, shooting police officers and burning down white peoples' homes, meanwhile Liberals are calling you RACIST and BIGOT because you are a straight white Christian who believes in the Constitution (e.g., Ben Carson, George Zimmerman, Tim Tebow, Paula Dean, Phil Robertson, the list goes on);
  • Liberals vilifying law-abiding gun owners as the bad guys, when it is THEY who are busy murdering unborn babies and shredding the Bill of Rights; teachers telling grade school children to fear their parents because their parents keep a gun in the home (see article that exposes the TRUTH about teachers and public education);
  • the list goes ON AND ON; Hope and Change? SIEG HEIL.

Look how far America has fallen. Just 10 years ago USA was the most respected country in the world; the Bush tax cuts created millions of high-paying jobs, prosperity was on every hand. People went to work; they didn't sit at home playing video games and collecting a check. But President Buckwheat's first EXECUTIVE ORDER was to repeal the Bush tax cuts, hammer the middle class and plunge America into the worst recession since Carter. Now we have a couple hundred million deadbeats on our hands who are more than content to live out their days on WIC and welfare. And worst of all, this is exactly what Americans wanted, Americans voted AGAINST GOD'S WISHES so that they could get welfare, foodstamps, free healthcare and an Obamaphone from a rap artist who calls himself "President". SIEG HEIL, AMERICA.

So yes, Dr. Carson, much applause is deserved for those who have the guts to stand up for the TRUTH. In fact, it's time that Christian Patriots take the high ground and call these TRAITORS out for who and what they are. NAZIS. All you have to do is cover yourself in shoe polish, and poop out five kids by ten different daddies, then you get a free house. But if you work for a living, then you are punished for your own success, your money is stolen and redistributed by the Community Organizer while YOU DO WITHOUT DUMMY. And if you don't go along with the program, you get called RACIST and BIGOT. -KCP

"We, the American people, are not each other's enemies. The enemies are those people behind the curtain jerking everybody's chains and trying to divide us up by age, by race, by income." -Dr. Ben Carson. Perfect description of Liberals who use class warfare to divide our country, and the entitlement mentality of minorities and young "99 percent" millenials who want everything in life handed to them.

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