"ZIMMERMAN; unsung Hero, Patriot".

Freedom exists because of the civic mindedness of gun owners; why the
Founding Fathers entrusted PROTECTION OF THE FREE STATE to us, NOT GOVERNMENT.

A local Neighborhood Watch volunteer is doing his part to help his community by walking his neighborhood late one night, keeping an eye out for suspicious activity. Volunteering for unpaid duty in the Neighborhood Watch, where your life is put on the line in order to protect others, is civic mindedness at its finest, the best of the best of what America has to offer. In fact, thank God for true patriots like George Zimmerman. Without provocation, Mr. Zimmerman is attacked by a suspicious black man disguised in a hoodie. Mr. Zimmerman, law-abiding gun owner, employs a handgun to defend himself against getting pummeled repeatedly by the black assailant, later identified as Tyrone Martin. The Liberal media tries and convicts Mr. Zimmerman in the court of public opinion where facts are irrelevant. Even his Royal Majesty, President Buckwheat gets involved, rushing to the defense of Tyrone Martin who is now being portrayed by MSNBC as an innocent, adorable little angel.

Guess what: when you are attacked by THUGS, you can't defend yourself because then you are RACIST. Just ask George Zimmerman, whose reputation was smeared by hate mongers like "Reverend" Al Sharpton ("Reverend"?? What a joke). Just ask Theodore Wafer, Michael Dunn, Officer Darren Wilson; all of whom were more-than-justified in their actions to defend themselves against assailants, but were each railroaded and called RACISTS by America-hating Liberals. And obviously, you can't disagree with any of the LIES coming from our Lord and Master, the Kenyan, because if you are a straight white Christian who believes in the CONSTITUTION, then you are RACIST.

Taking all the guns away from law-abiding Americans; Liberal propaganda vilifying gun owners; teachers telling children to fear their parents because their parents keep a gun in the home. Just like 1936 in Germany. The Liberal America-hating regime of Commie Darkie Muslim is busy cramming the Constitution into a paper shredder, and when they are done destroying all this unnecessary paperwork (the Bill of Rights, etc.) YOU and YOUR FAMILY are next. King Lawn Jockey, who circumvented the Constitution to get in power and legislates his whims via EXECUTIVE ORDER, passing stricter and stricter gun control legislation that specifically punishes law-abiding citizens, disarming them and turning them into unarmed victims. Meanwhile agents of the Postal Service??? are busy buying up all the 22 ammo at Wal-Mart, stockpiling millions upon millions of rounds leading to unprecidented nationwide ammo shortages.

Democrats are the reason the 2nd Amendment was put into the Constitution in the first place, because the Founding Fathers had great experience with TYRANTS and knew what to expect from them. Democrats are the reason the 2nd Amendment specifically entrusts PROTECTION OF THE FREE STATE to armed citizens, NOT GOVERNMENT. Government gets its power from WE THE PEOPLE, Government is in service to US, not the other way around. It is our heritage, and your civic duty as an American citizen (with a LEGAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE), to own and be proficient in the use of firearms, not just for the protection of yourself and your family, but for the protection of those immediately around you, and your country and Freedom. You don't need ANYBODY'S permission to carry a loaded gun everywhere you go, it doesn't matter if you are in a so-called "gun-free zone" or not, you don't simply surrender all your Constitutional rights just because you are at work or inside a grocery store. In fact, "gun-free zones" are where you are most likely to be attacked because that is where criminals go to attack people, and where you will need a weapon to defend yourself and meet force with equivalent force. Another undeniable fact: firearm possession is a proven deterrent to crime because firearms send a powerful message without even being fired; if you are having communication difficulties with somebody, usually all you have to do is point a loaded gun at them and guess what: PROBLEM RESOLVED, they get the message without even having to waste a round shooting them in the face.

While the Liberal knuckleheads are busy trying to take your guns away, keep in mind that in EVERY case of a mass killing spree the assailant is always a Liberal: Adam Lanza, Elliot Rodger (used a BMW to kill three people, should we ban cars now???), James Holmes, the chinese guy at Virginia Tech, in EVERY case all were self-entitled, 99 percenter millenials who felt like the whole world owed them one, and when they couldn't cope with society not catering to their self-entitled Liberal mentality, they struck back against innocent, UNARMED people. Certainly none of these attacks would have taken place period if the victims had been armed and could have returned fire. For more information, see a brilliant, self-explanatory youtube video "Chuck Woolery on assault weapons".

Nevermind the facts. Like the fact that George Zimmerman was the one who was attacked in the first place. Nevermind that Mr. Zimmerman, a recognized public servant and a law-abiding gun owner, had every right to defend himself. Nevermind that a jury found him NOT GUILTY (obviously, because HE WASN'T). Nevermind the fact that Tyrone Martin was in reality not the adorable angel MSNBC portrayed him to be, but instead was a gangbanger rap artist, a habitual drug user, a known trouble maker with an extensive rap sheet, who was out late at night and obviously up to no good. Nevermind EVERYTHING. The assailant was a BLACK GUY so, of course, Zimmerman must be a RACIST for shooting his assailant.

As you read this, the city of Furgeson, Mississippi is probably still on fire. Carbon-copies of Tyrone Martin, like a pack of wild baboons just released from the city zoo, are running rampant throughout the town of Furgeson, rioting, shooting police officers, turning over cars, looting white-owned businesses and burning white peoples' property to the ground. This is the United States of America, circa 2014: when you say something a black person doesn't like, you are automatically a RACIST; but when blacks don't get what THEY want, they have free reign to riot and cause public disturbances all over America. Someday people will look back to 2014, the year we all want to forget, and they will wonder. Where is George Zimmerman when you need him? -KCP

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