Law-abiding gun owner, the Protector of Freedom; Kingsport banjo salesman Stands His Ground.

Late one night I was walking through Elizabethton China-Mart when I heard a China-Mart employee several ailes over screaming and cussing out a customer. It turned out that the customer had bought a shotgun the previous week which had a slight manufacturing defect, and so he brought the shotgun back to China-Mart for tech support. The customer presented a receipt and explained the problem to employees at the front door, and they instructed him to bring the gun directly to Sporting Goods, so he walked thru the store with the firearm and was standing there alone at the counter, patiently waiting for an employee to come by, when this absolutely BRILLIANT China-Mart ASSociate came around the corner, saw him standing there with a loaded shotgun and started cussing him for bringing it into the store at all.

So guess what happened next: LAW-ABIDING GUN OWNER was tossed right out of the store. TOSSED RIGHT OUT OF THE STORE. He, in fact, did absolutely nothing wrong, but this self-important, minimum-wage douche REPORTED HIM ANYWAY just to get him in trouble, and then had him tossed out of the store. And what's worse, this LAW-ABIDING GUN OWNER wasn't even allowed to walk back through the store and leave using the front entrance, China-Mart made this so-called "dangerous menace to society" exit the store in DISGRACE via a REAR FIRE EXIT in the automotive section and then he had to walk all the way around the back and side of the store in a drainage ditch to get to his car.

You know what? You just lost my business you bunch of fucking faggots. So it's OKAY to buy a gun from ELIZABETHTON CHINA-MART. And it's OKAY to buy ammo from ELIZABETHTON CHINA-MART. But it's NOT OKAY to walk around inside ELIZABETHTON CHINA-MART with a loaded shotgun THAT I BOUGHT IN YOUR STORE??? I have explained this time and time again, I don't need ANYBODY'S permission to carry a loaded firearm anyplace I want, this is America and it is my Constitutional right to carry a gun anywhere I please, I don't have to sign a paper, I don't have to put my identity on your damn idiotic Government list of names, I don't have to carry around a membership card to exercize MY FREEDOM. It is particuarly egregious that a business (ELIZABETHTON CHINA-MART) has no problem whatsoever taking money out of your hands to sell you a firearm, just as long as you GO AWAY AND NEVER COME BACK because they don't want you bringing the guns you purchased back into their store later (any self-respecting gun owner would have to be TOTALLY STUPID to patronize ANY FIREARMS DEALER who has such a blatantly hypocritical policy).

Of course, to be entirely fair to the many innocent, hard-working associates at China-Mart, maybe we shouldn't expect any better out of a class of people who weren't smart or qualified enough to get a job anyplace else besides a damn Chink-Mart store or McDildo's. But unfortunately, policies of utter stupidity are not confined exclusively to companies who only employ high school dropouts and felons; many reputable companies similarly consider company property to be off limits to firearms, and employee vehicles subject to random search and seizure. Obviously, those are two rules which stand in stark contrast to the fact that American business owners almost always side in favor of LESS GOVERNMENT REGULATION over peoples' lives. Hmmmm.

It is a proven fact that Constitutionally-limited government is GOOD: Conservatism benefits the job creators and, as a direct result, YOU AND YOUR FAMILY, which is why the Founding Fathers defined the Constitution to give exclusive power and authority to the American People, not some so-called "King" in Washington who would call himself President. Which is why those who know how to run a business successfully (not Obummer) universally support Conservative values, and yet FOR SOME UNKNOWN REASON when you cross onto your employers propertly, all of a sudden, NO GUNS ALLOWED (just like back in Germany in 1936). So in other words, basically your boss wants you to vote for the Republican because it helps him but, at the same time, he thinks you are a moron and shouldn't be allowed to bring guns around. No one can argue with the validity and correctness of ALWAYS VOTING FOR CONSERVATIVE CANDIDATES, but as far as the issue of guns are concerned, you might be the "boss" of your company, but you aren't the "boss" of ME. And I don't care if I am on your property or not, LOADED FIREARMS ARE WITH ME AT ALL TIMES (I am sitting at my desk typing these words right now, and you think I left my handgun at home??? LOL don't kid yourself, dummy.).

It is ESTABLISHED FACT that crowded places where unarmed citizens congregate (e.g., work, school, hospitals, churches, bars, court, etc.) is where you will most likely need a weapon to defend yourself and meet force with force. And it turns out that the State of Tennessee agrees with me: Tennessee's Stand Your Ground law (which you can verify for yourself on other websites) specifically states that if you are in a place where you have a right to be (private OR public places) and you presume another person of intent to commit an unlawful act, you are under no obligation whatsoever to retreat, you are well within your rights to threaten or employ lethal force against the other person. SYG empowers Law-abiding gun owners because it goes much, much farther than simply providing legal protection to someone who is attacked in their own home and uses lethal force as a last resort.

The 2007 Virginia Tech massacre, for example, could have been prevented altogether if students had been allowed to carry weapons on campus AND there were SYG laws that exempted those law-abiding firearm owners from prosecution and civil liability for opening fire in public. SERIOUSLY, what good is carrying concealed if the law doesn't protect you so that you can shoot other people, particularly those who deserve to be shot???? We've seen that already with George Zimmerman, a law-abiding gun owner who was more than justified in using a firearm to defend himself, but because his assailant was a black guy, Mr. Zimmerman was automatically a RACIST and put on trial in the COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION. Contrast that story with the case of Aaron Alexis, who went on a killing rampage at a Navy shipyard in 2013; that story was BURIED because the killer was a black guy who intentionally TARGETED WHITE PEOPLE.

The puppetmasters in the Liberal media decide what you should and should not be allowed to think, they SELECT which stories THEY WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT, publicizing EVENTS THAT HAPPENED all the while ignoring events that DIDN'T HAPPEN BUT MIGHT HAVE. This is of concern because the mantra of the NRA is that, although firearms can obviously be used to commit crimes, hundreds if not billions of other potential crimes that the public doesn't even know about are PREVENTED from even happening in the first place because law-abiding gun owners are the world's most successful deterrent to crime. If you were to turn on the television right now, you will only see story after story about gun violence because those events DID happen. But that same news media will NEVER allow you to hear ANY of the stories about the things that MIGHT HAVE HAPPENED BUT DIDN'T because a law abiding gun owner prevented crime without even firing a shot. When tragedy is averted, when nobody gets killed, when nothing happened, THANK A GUN OWNER. And these are the things which do not happen HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of times everyday, and nobody is keeping track of it because, literally, NOTHING happened.

Victor Jenkins is a man who understands NOTHING better than anyone. Just last month, tragedy turned into triumph when a thug in a hoodie, no doubt a loyal Obummer supporter and welfare/obamacare recipient, entered the Tennessee Sounds banjo store on Eastman Road. As seen in surveillance footage submitted to timesnews.net (1/26), Mr. Jenkins, the store's owner, simply pointed a handgun at the perpetrator and, lo and behold, the perpetrator, clearly petrified with fright, instantaneously suffered a fatal stroke and was rendered unconscious, all without firing a single shot, just like Ted Nugent always said it would work. NOTHING HAPPENED because the law-abiding gun owner is the world's most successful deterrent to criminal activity, not the electric chair, not the militant police state, not more Government legislation that makes illegal crimes even more illegal. Guns are a DEFENSIVE weapon, guns solve problems, guns stop crime, guns save lives; the LAW-ABIDING GUN OWNER shuts things down before they begin, not even the Cops offer that kind of protection; in fact, the job of the police is to mop up the mess after you and your family have already been victimized. The Patriot, the law-abiding gun owner, Mr. Victor Jenkins: the ONLY thing which enforces the checks and balances system necessary in a free state, read it for yourself in the Constitution president jackass.

The Times News' so-called "editorial board", which is little more than a Liberal mouth-piece for the administration of Commie Darkie Muslim, refused to publish the story of Mr. Jenkins. Until it was "alleged" that Mr. Jenkins had "staged" a so-called "robbery hoax" to attract attention to his banjo store, then the paper published a scathing front-page article portraying law-abiding gun owners (i.e., Mr. Jenkins) as irresponsible morons. EXCUSE ME LIBERAL KNUCKLEHEADS, but whether or not this robbery actually happened is IRRELEVANT. In the old days, the "news" was about "reporting" the "truth", and the truth of the matter is that firearms prevent bad guys from making victims out of innocent people because law-abiding gun owners are the ones who ensure that what might happen, DOESN'T HAPPEN. And obviously Mr. Jenkins has proven this quite clearly because this robbery DIDN'T HAPPEN. Point made. -KCP

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