How poor families in rural East Tennessee will suffer because of the selfishness of perverts.

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA. Disgraced former Subway pitchman Jared Fogle will be chomping down on a different kind of footlong this evening; earlier this week Subway Jared was sentenced to 15 years in PMITA prison after pleading guilty to charges including child molestation and child pornography. Subway Jared's conviction is a wakeup call for parents: homoSICKual perverts like Subway Jared are EVERYWHERE; they look just like you and me; they are earning your trust, pretending to be your friend, your nextdoor neighbor, your coworker, and even pretending to be Christian, standing by your side in your community's church; all the while they are busy grooming your children behind your back! Seriously, you need to be looking long and hard at ANY GROWN ADULT, male OR female, that wants to spend time around children, particularly around YOUR children, because this individual undoubtedly has something wrong in the head.

Nascar champion Carl Edward watches as Subway Jared applies extra mayo to his footlong.

Subway Jared's fall from sandwich grace means that there is one less predator walking the streets of America. Unfortunately for us, there are MILLIONS more Subway Jareds still out there, preying on children. And what's even more unfortunate is that we know exactly where a lot of them are, and there is little or nothing we can do about it because these perverts are being PROTECTED BY THE GOVERNMENT. As well, children are being taught in PUBLIC SCHOOL that homoSICKuality is normal, and that Christian parents are racists and bigots for being against the homoSICKual lifestyle and same-SICKs "marriage" (in spite of the fact that THE BIBLE states specifically that homoSICKuality is an abomination, and that homoSICKuals should all be executed).

Under the reign of King Commie Darkie Muslim, the whole world has watched as America has been "fundamentally transformed" from a Christian nation, a nation of family values, where all Americans were proud to work hard for a living, and pay their own way. In fact, Liberals hate America so much that Obummer and his ilk have "fundamentally transformed" (i.e., destroyed) EVERY INSTITUTION that has made our country great; our flag, our heritage, our educational system, our economy, our military, our EVERYTHING.

The Boy Scouts of America, America's oldest, most-respected charitable Christian service organization, was "fundamentally transformed" into SANCTUARY CENTRAL for child molestors and perversion. This PRIVATE ORGANIZATION was forced by EXECUTIVE ORDER into accepting homoSICKuals (i.e., child molestors) as full-fledged members, because it's not nice to discriminate against QUEERS (but perfectly acceptable to persecute straight, white Christians who believe in the Constitution and gun ownership).

So much for Freedom and the Constitution. And all because a bunch of Subway Jareds wanted to wear women's clothing; go potty in the lady's room right along-side your daughters, your wife, and your mother; join the Boy Scouts and prance around like a fairie princess; men pretending to be "married" to other men, it is the definition of mental illness. Our society's bewildering rush to REJECT everything that is right, that is Christian, that is moral, that is AMERICAN, all the while EMBRACING EVERYTHING that is WRONG, abject deviance (e.g., teaching children that these homoSICKuals are "normal"); in short, this is the End Times, and for ANYONE to deny that, you MUST NOT BE PAYING ATTENTION DUMMY.

Guess what, dummy: WE TOLD YOU SO.

In an article released last year, we predicted the total implosion of the Boy Scouts organization. And it was an easy prediction to make, because any organization that is founded on morality, patriotism and Christian values CANNOT survive when it compromises on ANY of these principles. Which is exactly why enrollment in the Boy Scouts, as well as financial contributions to their organization, are all in the toilet, and in a few years they won't even exist, period. America's best and brightest, tomorrow's generation, the young boys who could have benefitted from the leadership, the patriotism, and the wisdom of such a great American, Christian civics organization as the Boy Scouts, aren't the only victims who will suffer because of the downfall of this organization. Keep in mind that the Boy Scouts was an all-volunteer service organization, and so the positive impact of this organization went further than just its members.

ROGERSVILLE, TENNESSEE. According to an article written by Jeff Bobo (timesnews, 11/13), a local food pantry operated by "Of One Accord" ministry has had its holiday food collection drive virtually obliterated. This charity relied heavily on participation from Scouts; the demise of the Boy Scouts organization has meant that a significantly reduced number of Scouts are available to participate this holiday season in the drive to collect food for the homeless and the needy. It may even be very likely that the public is holding back donations to the Boy Scouts because of conscientious objection to the political agendas being pushed.

"Of One Accord" director Rev. Sheldon Livesay said in the article, "There was an issue the Boy Scouts had with letting gay leaders and gay members in, and a couple of years ago the Boy Scouts yielded to that. Even though that seems to be irrelevant here in East Tennessee, a lot of the sponsors for those troops were churches. If they're sponsoring them they feel directly connected to any decision the Scouts make, and so some of them have just pulled their sponsorship."

It goes without saying that there is not a single church in the whole country that wanted to turn its back on the Boy Scouts, because this is the epitome of an American institution. Do you really think that any of these churches actually WANTED to kick these little kids out of the church building? Absolutely not. Losing a place to hold meetings meant the whole troop had to disband entirely, and nobody wanted this to happen. But unfortunately, because the Boy Scouts administration (i.e., Obummer's former Defense Secretary Robert Gates, who was appointed as head of the BSA administration) caved on a stupid political issue, churches were forced to sever ties because these churches simply could not compromise on their moral and ethical code.

And guess what: the decision by these churches to sever ties, and thus disband, local Scout troops is the very ideal of TOUGH LOVE that you see played out time and time again throughout the Bible, where sacrifices must be made in order to do what's right. Jesus loves everyone: those who repent and ask His forgiveness, AND those who rebuke Him and end up paying the price for all eternity. But that is exactly what TOUGH LOVE is all about: homoSICKuals (and those who condone the homoSICKual lifestyle) all burning in hell for eternity is what I would call a PRETTY GOOD LESSON IN TOUGH LOVE. Bobo's article mentions that [name of church withheld by the newspaper] pulled its sponsorship "from one of the largest troops in the county" because of this political debacle. Where did those displaced children go? To troops in other counties? Or did they just quit the Scouts and give up entirely on America? Nobody really knows for sure. But one thing is for sure, those children now know that standing for WHAT'S RIGHT always involves PERSONAL SACRIFICE. TOUGH LOVE.

And the saddest fact of all, Rev. Livesay commented that the issue of homoSICKuality was largely "irrelevant in East Tennessee". People in this area, these young boys who have had Scouting TAKEN FROM THEM, have had to suffer just because of the mental illnesses of a few dozen child/animal molesting perverts WE NEVER EVEN MET BEFORE WHO LIVE ALL THE WAY THE HELL OUT IN CALIFORNIA. These "transgender" cross-dressing turd burglars AREN'T EVEN FROM EAST TENNESSEE. In fact, transgenders and homos will never be WELCOME, ACCEPTED, OR TOLEREATED here in the Bible Belt, never. Because Christians in the South are born and raised according to CHRISTIAN VALUES: that used to mean something in America; well guess what dummy, it still MEANS SOMETHING HERE. Just like with Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis, same-SICKs "marriage" and homoSICKuality will never be considered "normal" here, and will NEVER BE TOLERATED, no matter how much Liberals insist otherwise.

"This [homoSICKuals forcing their beliefs on Christians] has been big blow to this program. The scouts are needed and have been a vital part of providing a service that benefits a lot of people in our county," said Reverend Livesay. "Now we've only got half the number of scouts available to participate. That has a far reaching affect. There's a lot fewer troops, and those troops are already extending further than they have in the past. There's a lot of people who have gotten bags in the past who won't get one this year."

Fortunately, there is hope. "Trail Life USA" is an incredible Christ centric outdoor youth character, adventure, and leadership building program that has stepped up to fill the hundreds of empty meeting rooms across the South that were vacated by the Boy Scouts. The difference between Trail Life and the BSA is simple: "NO GAYS ALLOWED". An organization that is willing to stand up for its Christian beliefs and not compromise on them, in spite of growing political pressure from the Left? WOW, tell me more! Trail Life is carrying on the legacy of the BSA while "Raising the Standard" (a Trail Life "standard" is a hiking staff that gets decorated with trail badge medallions). Service to others is a core belief of Trail Life USA, and their troops are already making a huge impact this week by collecting shoe boxes to send around the world, spreading the message and love of Jesus. And it is certain that they will also fill the Scouting gap in food drives, too! In all of these issues, from rescuing people from sin, to loving people through service, Jesus Christ truly is the answer. -KCP

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