Better to be dumb and FREE than smart and INDOCTRINATED.

Emperor Commie Darkie Muslim thinks your children deserve a free college education; he says it is their "right" to have it. Just like it is their "right" to have free healthcare and a free cellphone. And why does the Annointed One believe education is so important? No doubt because the Kenyan, our duly-exalted Lord and Master, wants to build millions of new LIBERAL INDOCTRINATION CENTERS and fill them up with UNIONIZED TEACHERS who use COLLECTIVE BARGAINING to undeservedly increase their COMPENSATION AND RETIREMENT at the expense of taxpayers like YOU AND ME all the while INDOCTRINATING YOUR KIDS into SOCIALISM, HOMOSICKUALITY, SHARIA LAW under the guise of "COMMON CORE" Federal education guidelines, in so few words: GOVERNMENT TAKEOVER.

What good is having an "education" in a society like ours, anyway?

  • American "education" is founded on lies. LIBERALS have manipulated things like "history" and "science" to the point that the subject matter doesn't resemble the truth in any way, rewriting the textbooks to fit their own misguided political agenda. Seriously, can anybody say "GLOBAL WARMING"??? Things like "research" and "evidence" have lost all meaning; in fact, the very FABRIC OF REALITY has been altered so much so that we LITERALLY cannot even be certain that 1+1 still equals 2. The system has been so rigged (i.e., Affirmative Action) that we are spending billions to graduate students who can't read (i.e., minorities); if it weren't for FOOTBALL and BASKETBALL there would be no point in even going to school, we would be HOMESCHOOLING OUT OF THE BIBLE.
  • ZERO Return on Investment. An "education" will cost a shit load of money, burn up years and years worth of effort when you could instead be doing something productive like WORKING FOR A LIVING, and in return will do absolutely nothing to help you get a good-paying job. NOTHING. And wasn't that the whole point of going to college in the first place? The fact of the matter is that in today's world, a college education is absolutely worthless. It doesn't count as "actual work experience" towards meeting the requirements in job postings. It doesn't teach you ANY of the practical skills that are necessary to do the jobs that businesses are hiring for. And finally, employers have zero respect for self-entitled 99 percenters who are OVER-EDUCATED, think they know better than everyone else, and think they are entitled to a huge salary and corner office when they have no experience, talent or work ethic, whatsoever. Which is why we are seeing more and more burger flippers and garbage men with Master's degrees from very prestigious LIBERAL ARTS COLLEGES (see "Occupy Wallstreet protestors") who constantly whine about forcing taxpayers like ME to foot the bill for their free OBAMACARE and $15/hr minimum wage.

    Consider further that the United States has more universities than ever before; our country is graduating more college graduates than ever before; unemployment is at an all time high UNDER OBUMMER; and yet all of the major companies in America are exhaustively searching for new hires but can't find anyone who is BOTH qualified and willing to work. Because Americans are lazy and would rather collect welfare and foodstamps than work. Which is exactly why these deadbeats elected the Community Organizer to the throne. TWICE. Further, the rampant lack of self-reliance and personal responsbility in America is exactly why all of the 9/11 hijackers were so easily able to waltz right into the country on student/business VISAs, because businesses (even those as reputable as Microsoft and Google) have been forced out of necessity to recruit foreigners (i.e., Muslims) rather than Americans simply because foreigners have work ethic and intelligence, while Americans have earned a reputation for being self-entitled, and too lazy to work for an honest wage.
  • Why give a blank check for college to immature, clueless children who have no aim in life and then expect them to magically turn into productive citizens just because they have an official "piece of paper" from a Liberal diploma mill? For this very reason Mark Cuban (the highly outspoken, famously successful self-made multi-billionaire who was born into poverty, pulled himself up by his own bootstraps WITHOUT HELP FROM GOVERNMENT, and is now owner of the Dallas Mavericks) has argued in favor of capping student loans. In fact, most of the young people in college today weren't seriously prepared for real life, and thus shouldn't have even been allowed into college in the first place. These people literally have no idea what their lifetime objectives will be, and here they are racking up hundreds of thousands in student loan debt studying a career they probably will not even pursue, they will graduate college with NO JOB PROSPECTS, move home to live with mom and dad and have a crushing debt they will never be able to pay back, which they will ultimately default on because they have no personal responsibility, and then they will expect OBUMMER to bail them out (see "Occupy Wallstreet protestors"). Young people may think they know everything, but there is a reason why the older generation always knows best, because life experience is the only legitimate teacher of wisdom, not some knucklehead "teacher" standing at the front of a classroom, spouting Liberal garbage and collecting a check from the government.
  • You don't need a so-called "education" to be successful in life. Albert Einstein was a terrible student. Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerburg both dropped out of Harvard. Imagine how deprived the world would have been if a dinky state college had "programmed" Bill Gates how to think. Can you envision Einstein sitting in a cube someplace in front of a keyboard, working a dead-end job as a telemarketer, with his Bachelor's of Fine Arts proudly hanging on the wall at home? The fact of the matter is, successful people don't need a "piece of paper" to tell them how "smart" they are because successful people capitalize on the success within themselves, while insignificant LOSERS are the ones who rely solely on their "piece of paper" to prove their worth to society.
  • We already have too many "smart" people running around, we don't need anymore. Somewhere at this very moment people are gathering in the conference room where they will spend the whole day going over 500 Powerpoint slides worth of inspirational quotations, brainstorming and team-building exercises, mission statements, and other fancy pseudo-intellectual talk that self-important middle management gurus use to make themselves sound brilliant. Synergy. Paradigm shift. Outside the box. Pro-active. Top of the totem pole. Now granted, spending all day long in Powerpoint meetings not accomplishing anything productive is all well and good if you work in a corporate environment like General Motors, or if you are on the Kingsport Board of Mayor and Aldermen, but in the real world, actual "productivity" entails more than just "talking about it" in perpetual business meetings. Which is why America literally does not need anymore "Win-Win" Type-A middle-management "professionals" with college degrees who are filled with GREAT IDEAS but couldn't figure out how to change a flat tire on a Volkswagen if they were forced to at gunpoint.
  • What America needs most right now are people who AREN'T "SMART" and DON'T WANT a free education from Obummer. TV personality Mike Rowe has argued often that the people we need the most are the ones who want to do the dirty jobs that nobody else wants to do. Those are the jobs that are in demand right now: cleaning toilets, assembling parts, polishing my shoes, going down in the mines and working with your hands, an HONEST DAY'S WORK just like back in the 50's. And this is exactly why America has higher-than-ever unemployment, while at the same time employers are experiencing a shortage of workers: because parents always think college is the only answer for their children. NOT TRUE. We need "real" workers, and DESPERATELY. Not everybody in America can go to college, put on a suit, talk smart, and bullshit their way through life without getting their hands dirty, some people actually HAVE TO ACCOMPLISH WORK in order for America to succeed. But unfortunately, a bland job WORKING FOR A LIVING and EARNING YOUR KEEP is not what young people aspire to, instead what they want is celebrity, fame, and instant self-gratification (the Age of the "Selfie"). Compare that to your grandparents generation, who were able to achieve success WITHOUT a formal education, WITHOUT welfare, foodstamps, or a free OBAMAPHONE, and they had 10 children at home to motivate them into MANNING UP, WITHOUT HELP FROM GOVERNMENT. Your grandparents generation took a job, no matter how menial, and they didn't complain about it, in fact, they were proud to have a job even if it didn't pay anything at all, because, unlike you, they had SELF-RESPECT and WORK ETHIC. Dummy.

What does it say about a society where having a formal education is of no practical value?

Traditionally, knowledge has always been an empowerment. Back in the 1950's, simply posessing a college diploma was your family's ticket out of poverty and into the middle class. Today, having an education is ENSLAVEMENT. In today's pseudo-intellectual, socialist world, the people who KNOW THE MOST are typically the people who KNOW THE LEAST. Sure, that assersion may defy logic, but when it comes to Liberals we aren't dealing with logic. The pseudo-academics, the guardians of knowledge and history, the so-called "experts" with PHDs in sociology, feminist studies, philosophy and other fluff who write "books" and "scholarly journal papers" that codify THEIR twisted Leftist dogma into OUR national consciousness. They use public education as a strong arm to indoctrinate children into the same mindset (e.g., socialism, sharia law, homoSICKuality, etc.). They use Liberal media outlets like MSNBC, the hatemongering "Reverend" Sharpton inciting racism against white Christians who believe in the Constitution and gun ownership.

There is a small glint of hope, though, as a digital REVOLUTION is occurring in part because of what you are reading RIGHT HERE ON THIS WEBSITE. For years and years, the only ones who were allowed to have any say at all were those who were well-indoctrinatred into the Liberal inner circle. But with the advent of THE INTERNET, these Liberal idiots no longer have a monopoly over the public speaking platform. Ordinary, everyday, hard-working Christian Patriots like you and me can get on the computer and write whatever we please, you don't have to have a PHD from a PRESTIGIOUS LIBERAL ARTS COLLEGE as a requirement to be able to speak your mind, to be able to SPEAK THE TRUTH. And speaking the truth is not just a privelege endowed by GOD, and protected by the Constitution, but it is also our Civic Duty as proud Americans to be informed. Because a well-informed Christian Patriot is the best, most effective enemy of a Liberal tyrant. -KCP

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