Prayer made illegal; Christians persecuted for personal beliefs; children thrown in jail for mentioning the word "GOD"; the WAR ON CHRISTMAS; meanwhile Liberals, homoSICKuals, blacks, Muslims get to do whatever they please.

The United States of America is a Christian nation. Founded by true Christian Conservative Patriots like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Robert E. Lee, each of the Founding Fathers believed that everyone on Earth should worship Jesus Christ, and have the RELIGIOUS FREEDOM to do so without being PERSECUTED BY AN OVERREACHING FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. In fact, North America was first discovered by Puritans who exodused Europe to escape the many God-hating Liberal intellectuals and philosophers who inhabited that country during the Stone Ages (a very real TYRANNY which is still going on in Europe to this day).

There was once a time when Christian and American meant the same thing; you couldn't have one without the other. Americans being the stewards of God's will around the world, we were respected everywhere we went, in every country an American set foot, people cheered the American as a rockstar because USA symbolized Freedom and Christ. Particularly those citizens who live under autocratic tyrants, those people know best how precious freedom and Christianity is, and not to take either for granted. In fact, the morality, the justice, our outlook on the difference between right from wrong, and what we should do about those who COMMIT CRIMES AGAINST AMERICA, are all lessons that the Founding Fathers took straight out of the Bible and codifyed directly into the Consitutition.

In many parts of the world, barbarism continues unabated even in the 21st century: many in Africa have never heard of toilet paper; in the Middle East, honor killings are a daily occurrence; and so on and so forth. But then there is America. WAS America. Once a safe-haven for Christians and Freedom lovers, your ability to worship Jesus Christ, or to have ANY PERSONAL THOUGTS AT ALL, is under assault right here in the very country that was founded on RELIGIOUS FREEDOM. Our country has become EUROPE. Socialism: taking away savings from people who have too much money and redistributing to people who refuse to work (e.g., minorities); taking away guns from law-abiding gun owners (just like in Germany in 1936); Muslimania and homoSICKuality. What once was wrong is now right and vice versa; this is the new normal. The reason that I am bringing this to your attention today is because of a grave matter which has recently come to my attention, and I just want to make you aware of it in case you haven't heard already:

Patriots cut Tim Tebow.

Outrageous is the understatement of the year. Who do these people think they are? TIM TEBOW is one of the greatest, if not THE GREATEST, that has ever lived. Ever. His atheltic prowess harkens back to Roman times when Gladiators dominated the Colliseum, the age of Charlton Heston. Amazingly talented, indeed, but equally intelligent, articulate (able to say something coherent without READING OFF A TELEPROMPTER OBAMA), personable, an all-star who is well-respected by fellow players and revered by sports commentators, and of course, it goes without saying that Tebow is undeniably handsome. A true rolemodel for what every American should be: honest, hard-working, successful, self-reliant (DOESN'T TAKE HELP FROM GOVERNMENT), straight, white, Christian. And therein is the problem, isn't it? UH OH. A straight white Christian, obviously he is a RACIST and a BIGOT.

As a result of the machinations of DOMESTIC TERRORISTS like the Kenyan, Jimmy Carter, and Hillary "BENGHAZI" Clinton; the LIES propagated by the Liberal media (e.g., MSNBC); the INDOCTRINATION going on in public schools, turning your children into obidient Liberal robots, Americans today have been manipulated into embracing LIBERALISM. On election day Americans (50% of whom are DEADBEATS who pay NO TAXES) voted AGAINST GOD in favor of WIC, welfare, free healthcare and a free Obamaphone. These are the people who make up the majority in America now, Godless self-entitled millenials who think the whole world owes them one. As a result, our country is no longer safe for good people, the God-fearing Christians who work for a living, mind their own business and want to be left alone, to worship in peace. In fact, Christians in this country are frequently subjected to harassment, descrimination, and retribution. Just like in Germany in 1936.

Tim Tebow's personal religious beliefs are exactly why he gets so much flack from people, because he is a Christian and not afraid to show it. Which is exactly why the Patriots cut him, NOT because of a lack of talent, ability or good looks, but instead because the Patriots would rather hire Affirmative Action THUGS than be associated with a straight, white Christian who doesn't have tangled nappy hair hanging down out of his helmet. And besides, in this day and age your children worship bad actors who play VAMPIRES in movies, they don't need honest, hard-working, heterosexual Christians as role models. Maybe that's why your kid cuts himself and wears women's clothing, your kid thinks he is a VAMPIRE.

This is the world in which we live. Innocent Christians get thrown under the bus, meanwhile President Buckwheat steals all your money and gives it to minorities who don't work for a living. Christians like Tim Tebow work hard for years and years (WITHOUT HELP FROM GOVERNMENT), building up their own success (WITHOUT HELP FROM GOVERNMENT) and then they are rewarded with BETRAYAL by the New England Patriots. It is actually sickening to think that a team run by a bunch of gutless Liberal yankees would have the nerve to call themselves "Patriots". They cut Tebow, the nicest, most talented guy to EVER step onto the court, meanwhile all the Affirmative Action THUGS on other teams go out and rape and murder women, and Christians like Tebow are the ones getting all the flack. -KCP

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We the People.

Before the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution had even come about, the words of Freedom were first conceived in pamphlets. Common Sense; the Federalist Papers; Benjamin Franklin operated a publishing company for just such purposes. It is no surprise that the Founding Fathers, as part of their duties as statesmen, were all prolific, talented writers. These are they who first articulated the radical notion of Freedom which We the People continue to enjoy hundreds of years later.

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