The pragmatism of slavery, yesterday, versus the malice of racism, today.

When I was younger my father came to me one day with tears in his eyes, and though I did not understand the meaning of his words that day, his visible emotion left a mark on me so much so that, consequently, it left an imprint forever of this moment in my mind. Which is very fortunate, because otherwise, being the typical young person that I was back then, distracted by the everyday life of a young person just like all young persons are typically distracted, and not particuarly understanding what his words meant or their significance, I would have ordinarily ignored and forgotten his words completely, the wisdom in them lost forever. Today, older and wiser that I am now, I can recollect that very moment clearly, playing it back in my mind's eye and easily seeing that his emotional words made perfect sense, not only then, but still yet today. The words he told me that day were simple and plain, words of pragmatism, and the wisdom contained therein only one of old age, and life experience, can possess; and to paraphrase what he essentially said to me as a child:

When you buy a pony, you're making an investment. Big money, several thousands of dollars. And so it would be stupid to neglect your investment by not taking care of it: you don't starve your pony or leave it out in the rain. If the pony does something to make you mad, remember, it is just a pony and can't help what it does; don't turn around and hit it in the head with a tack hammer just because you are angry. When your pony gets sick, you put a blanket on it and give it oats. When it starts snowing outside, you put the pony in the barn. And if you take care of your investment, it will give you more ponies; a healthy pony will live a long life and you can resell it later and get your money back.

The same common sense that applies to ponies applied to slaves as well. Farmers weren't stupid back then, this idea that Liberals have spread about southerners spending their life savings to buy slaves just so they could turn right around and mistreat them is ludicrous. You don't buy a slave and then beat it half to death or starve it, what good would that do anyone? If you are going to spend thousands of dollars on something, you are going to treat it with respect and take care of it just like any of your stock.

Sure, it had to get out of bed every morning and pull its weight and do a little work everyday, maybe it didn't want to work but had to anyway, how terrible. Guess what: that applies to everybody else in the world too, whether they are a slave or not, that doesn't mean you are special or deserving of special priveleges.

But anyway, the fact of the matter is, because of white people and their sacrifices building America, these so-called "slaves" had better lives living here, access to food, healthcare and education, than they ever would have had back in the jungle in Africa, which has been in the midst of the Stone Age for thousands of years and still is today. WE are the ones who rescued THEM, THEY should be the ones thanking US. And yet Liberals call us racist just because we are white Christian Conservatives from the south who believe in the Constitution and gun ownership??

As you are (hopefully) well aware by now, because I keep referring to this EVERY DAY, Elizabethton School Director Ed Alexander recently made national headlines when Fox News Channel reported Carter County teachers under Alexander's watch were actively passing out muslim propaganda to elementary students (timesnews.net 10/28) that was specifically chosen by teachers because it depicted the Founding Fathers as "racist" for owning slaves. As is typical of Liberals who OWN AND OPERATE THE PUBLIC EDUCATION SYSTEM in this country, a curriculum of hatred for America and freedom is the order of the day (e.g., President Commie Darkie Muslim's "Common Core" Federal education standards). But this whole Ed Alexander debacle does beg an important question:

Is it racist to own slaves?

No, of course not. If you read in the Bible, you will see slavery mentioned many times because slavery in those days was a normal occurence. OH NO! Let's ban the Bible then! Don't be a moron you bunch of dumb Liberal fucks. To be fair, the question of whether or not slavery is either good or bad is totally outside the scope of this discussion right now; what is relevant to the discussion at hand is the fact that when tradition, culture, and societal norms of the day dictate slavery to be a normal, acceptable practice for that time period, you shouldn't be either surprised, or horrified, when you read in a history book that the Founding Fathers owned slaves. Or had sex with them a bunch of times. Or maybe even fathered many secret children by them, too. That actually isn't a big deal at all, certainly not to the extent that LIBERALS insist it to be (keep in mind that Liberals hate America, which is their motivation for continually INSTIGATING TROUBLE). In those days, things of this nature were entirely common place and happening all the time; in fact, it was a practice accepted by slave and slave owner alike, neither thought anything remiss about the situation.

If you yourself had lived during this era, you'd probably be doing/thinking in the same regards as those people from the pages of history. It would be perfectly understandable. And, most important of all, slavery hundreds of years ago had nothing to do with racial discrimination or hatred of those who have a different skin color than your own; instead, slavery was simply a situation of financial statushood. In fact, many people who were originally born slaves PULLED THEMSELVES UP BY THEIR BOOTSTRAPS and eventually, through their own hard work WITHOUT HELP FROM GOVERNMENT, ended up becoming the wealthiest of all citizens. Now that is exactly how great America is, where everyone, no matter what their station in life, has an opportunity to become successful by their own hard work WITHOUT HELP FROM GOVERNMENT. Unlike in Africa where these people would still be living in a mud hut in the jungle.

So the bottom line is that those who participated in facilitating slavery, including those AFRICANS WHO SOLD THEIR OWN COUNTRYMEN INTO SLAVERY, couldn't possibly have been racist because, technically and obviously, the practice of slavery essentially was never motivated by malice, but instead entirely motivated by PRAGMATISM AND ECONOMICS. In contrast, racism inherently involves malice: going out of your way to harass people who have done you no harm; for example, the way Liberals teach and indoctrinate black youth into an attitude of victimization, and turn them against whites. So unlike slavery, which had practical and economic value, the only "practical value" racism serves is to garner votes for Democrat candidates. Which is why "Reverend" Al Sharpton continues to harp on references to "the plantation", even though he himself has never even been on a plantation, he himself has never even lived the life of a slave, and yet he continues to talk about it, constantly, because that is how he is able to rake in millions and millions of dollars worth of donations to his favorite charitable organization: HIMSELF.

The mental state of being perpetually OFFENDED by everyone around you, and by everything that those people say to you, is a concept that was entirely developed and patented by Liberals who hate America and want to divide us up by race and income: CLASS WARFARE. Racism, discrimination, and BEING OFFENDED BY EVERYONE, EVERYTHING equates to votes for Democrat candidates, and sadly, this all at the expense of innocent white Christians who live in the south, who had nothing to do with slavery, and who have nothing against blacks, all of which has been asserted and proved true time and time again. Hundreds of years ago when slavery existed in America, as well as thousands of years ago when slavery was practiced in the time of Jesus, notions of racism, discrimination and being offended were notions that didn't even exist at all in anyones' minds, because these divisive tactics were invented only within the past few decades, created by Liberals who hate straight white Christians who believe in the Constitution and gun ownership.

No wonder my father was so upset. -KCP

"Well, they're the most racist people there are. You know, they put you in a little category, a little box, you have to think this way. How could you dare come off the plantation?" -Dr. Ben Carson, award-winning brain surgeon and director of surgery at Johns Hopkins, describing how Liberals like "Reverend" Sharpton indoctrinate black people into an attitude of persecution and Government dependency.

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