Knucklehead from Greeneville agrees with the Sheriff (even if he refuses to admit it).

BACKGROUND. "Carl Childers" is the moniker of a regular contributor to the Greeneville Topix social media website. From outward apperance (such as the snippet posted above, for example) "Carl Childers" is quite obviously a Christian Conservative. And from reading his posts over the past several months, I am willing to openly admit that I am in agreement with him on practically every hot-button issue. What's paradoxical, however, is that though we obviously have the same Christian Conservative values, and what he has written above looks exactly like something I or any other Republican would have said, "Carl Childers" adamantly refuses to admit that we are pretty much the same person. When I openly agree with him he refuses to accept it; and when one of his beliefs coincides with mine he refuses to admit it.

So what's the deal here? Why won't "Carl Childers" admit that we are in agreement on ANYTHING, let alone that he actually agrees with me on everything? Well, the answer is very simple, really.

Because I'm not a nice person.

Well guess what. If a = c and b = c, then a = b. In other words, Math says that if we (a and b) have the same beliefs (c) then we are the same person (a = b) whether you like it or not. QED, dummy.

This attitude of delusion and denial exemplified by "Carl Childers" is exactly the phenomenon we are seeing today in reaction to the 2016 Republican nominee for President. Donald Trump won the GOP primary in a landslide, mercilessly butchering every other candidate on the debate stage, because Donald Trump is offering exactly what Republicans, and what the American people, have been demanding for the past 8 years. Donald Trump is exactly what Americans have always wanted to see in a representative. Donald Trump represents American values better than any other candidate, ever.

And yet nobody will admit the INARGUABLE TRUTH, that they actually agree with Donald Trump, simply because Donald Trump is not a nice person. Donald Trump is saying exactly what all Conservatives believe, Donald Trump just doesn't express it in a nice way therefore we don't agree with him at all.

Sure, Donald Trump has a unique way of expressing himself that is quintessential Trump. But does what he say or how he says it actually make him the biggest jackass in the whole world? And if we, as Christian Conservatives, were to openly admit that we actually agree, across the board, with everything someone like Donald Trump says, does that also make us, as a society, the biggest jackasses in the whole world?

As we have stated in a previous article, despite the fact that southerners supposedly loath "political correctness", as Christians most of us feel that we have the responsibility to be "the Bigger Man". In other words, if we think or believe something that might offend you, out of a sense of obligated courtesy, we don't say those things out loud. We wait until you leave the room first. And that's probably one of the reasons why Donald Trump has such great curb appeal for members of the "Silent Majority"; Donald Trump is able to get away with saying out loud what we all secretly want to say but can't because then we would get punched in the face.

Unfortunately for America, there are currently several leading Republicans who feel compelled to conform to the traditional ideals of "political correctness" and thus they openly refuse to support Donald Trump: notably, Paul Ryan, Lindsey Graham, Mitt Romney, both Presidents Bush, John McCain and others. Their refusal (i.e., betrayal) to accept Donald Trump, who successfully won the Republican primary fair and square, signifies that these so-called Conservatives have no regard for what Americans actually want, which has been demonstrated LOUD AND CLEAR in a DEMOCRATICALLY-decided process.

Not only is Donald Trump exactly what the electorate wants, the average American today is exactly what Donald Trump is. A equals B whether you like it or not, dummy. We AREN'T Tyrone Martin; we ARE Donald Trump! -KCP

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