Southern Nationalism; the Truth about America's Second War for Independence; and a
Requiem for 1861-65, the last time America had a truly self-representative form of Government.

As a teenager growing up in the south, summer break meant spending the day speeding up and down the backroads in your 4x4 truck, your buddies riding in the open bed chucking beer bottles at stop signs, rebel flags waving high, and songs of one of the south's greatest legends ever, Lynyrd Skynyrd, blaring on the stereo. Sadly, times have changed: instead of manly, respectable 4x4s, young people would rather drive Jap Scrap with 30 inch rims, wear pants down around their ankles, and listen to rap music about killing police officers. And as for the once great southern rock band, Lynyrd Skynyrd, their time is also over and done with; today what remains of Skynyrd is little more than a glorified cover band, with none of the original talent or creativity that made the band great. To add further insult to their embarrasing decline, Skynyrd's one original surviving member, Gary Rossington, alienated millions of devoted fans when he denounced Southerners as racist, associated the Confederate Battle Flag as a symbol of hate and promised to discontinue the flag's use by the band, which had ALWAYS been a prominent staple of Skynyrd.

"Through the years, people like the KKK and skinheads kinda kidnapped the Dixie or Southern flag from its tradition and the heritage of the soldiers, that's what it was about," says Rossington in an interview with the Liberal media. "We didn't want that to go to our fans or show the image like we agreed with any of the race stuff or any of the bad things."

Wow, and here you thought Natalie Maines was a clueless bitch.

It is an established fact that southerners are renowned for their compassion, warmth, hospitality; and yet FOR SOME INEXPLICABLE REASON southerners are always and continuously depicted by the Liberal media and Liberal Hollywood as being poor, uneducated, stupid, beligerent and racist (e.g., Django Unchained, 12 Years a Slave, and most recently, Selma). Why does our society hold such a vindictive grudge against innocent white Christian Conservatives from the south who believe in the Constitution and gun ownership? And what about this Gary Rossington douche? Seriously, why do apologetic, self-loathing Liberal cowards like Gary Rossington think the way they do about America? It is absolutely disgusting, and there is little doubt that if Rossington had said these things about southerners back in 1973, the original Lynyrd Skynyrd would have fed this POS traitor a heaping stack of well-deserved knuckle sandwiches. But in today's world, Rossington and Liberal idiots like him are able to get away with spouting off their drivel because today's American, particularly the Obummer "99 percent" generation, are absolutely jonesing to hear tales about the stereotypical white Christian from the south, RACIST and BIGOT, the bumbling toothless hillbilly who eats dead animals from the side of the road, uses maple leaves as toilet paper, bathes only when it is raining outside and burns crosses at the Klan rally.

In fact, Liberal revisionist history, hatemongers like "Reverend" Sharpton and King Commie Darkie Muslim, the indoctrination of the national consciousness in PUBLIC SCHOOL, has led all America to believe that the objective of the so-called "Civil War" was to free the slaves from the oppression of EVIL WHITE CHRISTIANS IN THE SOUTH. And so millions of Americans just up and decided to go out and kill one another over the fact that LESS THAN 2 PERCENT of Americans even owned slaves, and half those slave owners were NORTHERNERS. Does this make ANY sense? Of course not! Because the WAR OF NORTHERN AGRESSION had NOTHING to do with the KKK, Gary Rossington you Liberal cunt.


Southern Nationalism; the Truth about America's Second War for Independence; and a
Requiem for 1861-65, the last time America had a truly self-representative form of Government.

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." -Thomas Jefferson

Our society has even gone so far as to romanticize one of America's most seditious criminal tyrants, turning him into a mythical legend, putting his picture on money, carving his likeness into mountains, and even naming a moderately priced luxury automobile in his honor. Yes, one of America's most iconic Presidents, today celebrated as a full-fledged American "hero" and even considered to be one of the "Founding Fathers", though the fact of the matter is that this bumbling, overgrown Yeti is the sole architect of the wholesale destruction of the United States and the Constitution, a cold, calculating liar and lecherous scoundrel who let the Union rip itself apart to satisfy his own political agendas, an unkempt jackass who never heard of a comb and likely stunk of BO, kept his wife Mary Todd chained up in the attic while he went on hundreds of VACATIONS and PLAYED GOLF, ASSUMED OFFICE rather than being elected to it, and then, like all corrupt terrorist politicians from Illinois (a Communist country in its own right) proceeded to LEGISLATE HIS WHIMS BY EXECUTIVE ORDER. During his THANKFULLY SHORT lifetime, disdain for Abraham Lincoln was so great among even his own supporters, that if the election of 1860 were held today, Mitt Romney would win in a landslide, which is pretty good considering MITT ROMNEY HADN'T EVEN BEEN BORN YET.

  • ITEM 1: Lincoln WAS NOT the "hero" that Liberal revisionist history has made him out to be. Lincoln's regime is solely and entirely to blame for secession of the southern states and the subsequent War of Northern Agression. The only reason the south was forced to declare our Independence in the first place was because this overreaching Federal "King" imposed disasterous tariffs, taxes, and EXECUTIVE ORDERS on southern states in an effort to ruin the south's economy and bankrupt our job creators, FORCING southern states to secede or go bankrupt. And what happens when everybody goes bankrupt? WELFARE, FOODSTAMPS, AND GOVERNMENT DEPENDENCY: business as usual for the Democrat party. Further, this traitorous POS in the White House called for a belligerent military force of more than 75,000 Federal troops to invade the south years BEFORE the south had even seceded from the Union; in other words, MARTIAL LAW was declared specifically to TERRORIZE INNOCENT SOUTHERN FAMILIES. So much for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

    The motivations behind Southern Independence were reasonable enough: the south wanted to be left alone to do as we please (i.e., State's Rights, Liberty and Freedom, the Constitution, etc.), while the north wanted to IMPOSE THEIR WILL ON US no matter what the cost in human lives (i.e., integration, the "Civil Rights" Act of 1964, the "Million Man March", etc.). Northerners advocated STRONG CENTRALIZED GOVERNMENT with powers vested exclusively in Federal authority (NOT THE CONSTITUTION), and they had good reason for doing so: the states which comprised the North at that time were much more heavily populated compared to the southern states, which meant northern states were allotted hundreds more representatives in Congress while southern states had little or no representation at all in the affairs of this TYRANNICAL Federal government, leaving white Christian southerners faced with a life of hardship where they had no control whatsoever over their day-to-day lives (just like today under President Commie Darkie Muslim).
  • ITEM 2: Lincoln WAS NOT the patriotic statesman who wanted to "preserve the Union" as depicted in Liberal-authored school textbooks. The real-life Lincoln wasn't even interested in meeting the south halfway with compromise, instead he was an arrogant bastard who thought GOVERNMENT KNOWS BEST what you should and SHOULD NOT be allowed to do in your private life. Lincoln intentionally allowed 13,000 of his own troops to die of starvation and dysintary in a Confederate POW camp in Andersonville, Georgia because Lincoln arrogantly refused to negotiate with a bunch of low-brow southerners who wanted to release these prisoners on compassionate grounds but Lincoln wouldn't even pick up the phone and talk to us, he was so full of himself. Lincoln's so-called "Scorched Earth" policy, implemented by Liberal douches like Sherman and Grant, specifically targetted innocent civilians, women and children especially, terrorizing them, destroying their access to food, water and shelter. "Scorched Earth" was so successful in terrorizing innocent civilians that in 1945, Adolf Hitler adopted a similar policy ("Befehl betreffend Zerstorungsmassnahmen im Reichsgebiet") based precisely on the techniques perfected by Lincoln's regime.
  • ITEM 3: Lincoln WAS NOT the caring humanitarian portrayed in Liberal Hollywood movies. Nor was Lincoln a spokesperson for freedom, civil rights or abolition; like all Liberal Democrats, Lincoln was probably one of the biggest racists of all time. Not only did he despise black people in his private life, but there are also many well-documented instances of Lincoln, in his own words, openly condemning them. The only reason Lincoln advocated so-called "emancipation" was simply to triangulate blacks for their vote, the same way Democrats bend over and grab ankle to cater to foreigners, minorities, convicted criminals, homoSICKuals/child molestors, and muslims (religion is WONDERFUL as long as YOU AREN'T CHRISTIAN). Consider further that Lincoln's infamous "Emancipation Proclamation" only applied to slaves behind Southern lines, and not to those hundreds of thousands enslaved BY NORTHERNERS. Lincoln, and the Liberals who engineered "Reconstruction" following the war, were the ones who instigated Jim Crow and the Klan, entirely products of the Democrat party, and designed to intimidate black voters, thus preventing them from voting for Christian Conservative candidates.

    Believe it or not, but Southerners were actually THE ONES WHO WERE AGAINST SLAVERY. In fact, southerners favored GRADUAL, COMPENSATED EMANCIPATION: farmers were to be compensated for the loss of their financial investment, while slaves were to be taught trades and skills so that they could take care of themselves WITHOUT HELP FROM GOVERNMENT and then gradually introduced into society as productive citizens who could PULL THEMSELVES UP BY THEIR OWN BOOTSTRAPS. "Emancipation" might sound like a wonderful and romantic idea, but keep in mind that we are talking about people who had never lived on their own, and who obviously were not even remotely equipped with the necessary ability to take care of themselves. In fact, we know from the field of conservationalism that animals born and raised in captivity, that have developed dependency on a caretaker, and then are later released into their natural habitat are almost always unable to cope with their dramatically different surroundings and thus become a burden to everyone around them. Obviously a "methodical system" of GRADUAL, CONTROLLED release into society speaks VOLUMES to the pragmatism of common sense.

    Well, guess what: Lincoln came up with a "methodical system" alright: WELFARE, FOODSTAMPS, GOVERNMENT DEPENDENCY, and VOTES FOR THE DEMOCRAT PARTY. Not only did Lincoln's regime essentially NULLIFY the networth of millions of poor white farmers who had their ENTIRE LIFE SAVINGS tied up in the agricultural industry which crashed and burned after the war (they all deserved this because they were RACISTS), but Lincoln's regime also dropped a hundred million uneducated, untrained black people off on the streets, unable to take care of themselves because southern farmers had always taken care of them. And even though it happened hundreds of years ago, the impact of Lincoln's so-called "emancipation" can still be seen yet today; just look to any place inhabited by a large number of blacks (i.e., Atlanta, Detroit, Memphis, Baltimore) and you will see it quite evident Lincoln's failed policies of emancipation and Government Dependency, reflected directly in the stunted maturity, potential, and personal responsibility of the once-proud African race, the pattern of white people going to work and minorities not, all of which can still be seen hundreds of generations later, they simply do not posess the capability of coping with a society where people pull their own weight and are responsible for themselves. Out of control crime, broken homes, baby daddy in jail for drugs, baby momma raising 10 babies on welfare. One word: LINCOLN.

    Not only was the south opposed to slavery, but southerners were the first ones in the whole world who wanted black people to have representation in democratic Government. In an unprecidented move, southerners fervently pushed for legislation that would recognize blacks as HUMAN BEINGS, and allow for slave population to count towards the delegation of seats in the House of Representatives but, THERE YOU GO AGAIN, gerrymandering Liberals up North staunchly opposing this plan because it would have given the EVIL SOUTHERNERS too much power in the operation of Federal Government. Ultimately, Congress passed the 3/5ths Compromise, the name of this bill signifying the fact that Northern Liberal Democrats like Lincoln (and today, Obammy) considered blacks to count as less than a whole man, so we have to take care of them and give them special priveleges, like Affirmative Action, because they can't compete in society like REAL MEN and earn what they have the hard way (e.g., WORK).

History has shown us that the only reason why slavery continued well into the 1800's and was not ended a hundred years earlier is due largely to so-called Liberal "Progressive" ideology exacerbated by the stagnant LINCOLN ECONOMY. Consider that the economy of the North was based entirely on the emerging technology and manufacturing of the Industrial Revolution. Meanwhile in the south, our economy had always been agricultural-based and so the availability of skilled-workers was far less than in the north; this, combined with an UNFAIR FEDERAL TAXATION AND REGULATORY ATMOSPHERE led to a decline in the south's economy (similar to the way HUSSEIN Obummer crashed the economy when he assumed the throne). The south WANTED DESPERATELY to modernize and eliminate slavery altogether, but this was made impossible by a president who intentionally, by EXECUTIVE ORDER, laid out policies which made it impossible for the job creators to compete (i.e., tax the wealthy, take money from rich people and give it to the poor for free healthcare and a free cellphone, etc.). Because small business owners in the south were unable to compete against goods being exported by the North, this left the south entirely dependent on traditional industries (e.g., cotton and tobacco exports) instead of being able to innovate and reinvest, as you would expect in a Capitalist society with a level playing field, and Government taking the chains off small business. But of course, when you have a President who thinks of himself as Royalty and looks down upon southerners as beneath him, who enforces only those laws WHICH HE HIMSELF LIKES, to the DETRIMENT of the WHOLE COUNTRY, who has no executive or business experience whatsoever and doesn't know how to run a business or create jobs, who brings a whole country to its knees in a misguided crusade of retribution against white christian southerners who didn't vote for him, what do you expect?

In conclusion, Hitler designed the Volkswagen Beetle on a napkin. Lincoln wrote the Gettysburg Address on a napkin. Hitler's Volkswagen is a car. Lincoln has a car named after him. Hitler, Hitler, Hitler, Hitler, Hitler, Nazi Germany, Hitler. Do I need to go any further? I didn't think so. -KCP

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